Will Power Triumph

by Eyal Nir | August 11, 2019

Passions, desires, craving, urges and impulses are all part of our very human nature We often struggle with temptations, addictions, distractions, procrastination – all part of our human existence

Will Power (WP) is our ability to control the above including our attention, emotions and desires

The BuDo-Way WP workshop is aimed at enhancing your WP so you can reach your true goals including – quit smoking, losing weight, start exercising, reduce addictions, resist unhealthy sex temptation, uncontrolled shopping or web surfing….
Lack of WP plays a major role in our failing to meet our set goals often resulting in feelings of guilt, failure, shame, disappointment and frustration
People are different and consequently face different WP challenges yet all these challenges tend to play out in the same way for each of us – my craving for chocolate is similar to your craving for a cigarette. Therefore the strategies and tools provided in this workshop are helpful for any goal you set

Workshop participants acquire an understanding and tools for how to change old habits, reduce procrastination, find focus, manage stress and find WP to resist temptation

This is done in a unique way, the BuDo-Way leveraging ancient knowledge and wisdom taken from Japanese martial arts including use of actual BuDo-based exercises during workshop

  • Budo-Way is coming to India in early 2024.

    To book a Budo-Way session at your location or join one in your area please contact his tour manager Mr. S. Bhattacharya at +91 9875355707