• World Champion 2019

  • Become a Black Belt in your field

  • Kime – complete focus on target

  • Effective performance within stressful situations

  • HoShin – give everything to remain full

  • MuShin – empty mind & BuDo meditation


Too many of us keep doing what we’re doing. Even when it gives rise to stress, conflict and frustration. If ever you’ve thought,“there’s got to be a better way”, you’d be right. There is.

It’s called the Budo-Way.
Drawing on centuries of ancient wisdom, it’s an approach that has already benefitted thousands around the world. Experiential, inclusive and beautifully adaptable, its lessons are absorbed quickly and applied immediately.

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Three ways to benefit from the Budo-Way…

Peaceful Mind

Achieve optimum performance within any stressful situation.

Create your World

Be less affected by external events. Anchor yourself with inner peace.

Collect Yourself

Summon all your mental and physical faculties at a given moment.

Breakthrough in Business and life

Breakthrough in Business and life

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By Eyal Nir and Amit Offir

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Program main messages and participants’ benefits

1. Become a Black Belt in your field – strive to excel
2. Peaceful Mind – Effective performance within stressful situations
3. Take Control – Emotions management – so you can make best choices and take best action.
4. Create your inner anchor – reduce external influence over inner peace and happiness
5. KumiTe Oneness – connecting, internal – external, self – world. (no more seperation and duality)
6. General Recruitment – summon all mental-physical faculties at a given moment for a given task.
7. Create your Karma – out of human rebirth suffering cycle
8. Enhance your will power – making wise decisions at life’s challenging situations.
9. MuShin (empty mind) – learn to stop mental race, fully be here and now
10. Acquire “Stable Emotions” thru mindfulness
11. Ho-Shin & Kime: Decision Making – “give everything to remian full”
12. KiAi + AiKi – winning combination of complete determination with mental flexibilty.
13. Identify Opportunities – enhanced sensitivity, reading people and developing intuition
14. Optimal use of human body – posture, breath, center, base, body dynamics, kinetic chain
15. KiMe – total mental-phisical focus of energy
16. Kata – movement meditation

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Is the Budo-Way for you?

If you’re looking to enhance either your own well-being and performance – or that of your staff, colleagues or community – then yes, it is. Especially if you’re interested in a lecture, seminar or workshop that is:

Adaptable: to your particular challenges and needs.
Experiential: Exciting experience-based realizations and insights beyond theoretical explanations.
Inclusive: Able to benefit a diverse group – irrespective of age, skillset or background.
Applicable: Conveying ‘sticky’ wisdom that can be immediately applied.

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