• “I have certainly taken out of this workshop ideas and directions to apply in my personal as well as business endeavors, and highly recommend it for others to attend and benefit.”
    Oded Agam, NYU alumni, Israel group – chairman
  • I found Eyal’s delivery fascinating. He demonstrated a technique on how to use visualization to succeed and how to better cope with stress scenarios which are an integral part of our daily reality in the hi-tech world.

    Uri Hadar Intel Corp.

  • I would like to thank you for delivering the BuDo-Way workshops as part of the preparation process for our new police station commanders. Together we were able to successfully conceptualize and enhance the police teamwork, through special martial arts-related experiences and methodologies.

    Major General Hila Nadel Head of commanding staff development department

    Leadership center – Israel police

  • I strongly recommend Eyal. He takes Martial-Arts philosophy and techniques and brings them into modern-day work and life environments. All Rotary Club members enjoyed the event; Eyal has in-depth experience in the Martial-Arts field and he can relay the philosophy behind it clearly and in a compelling way.

    Gur Shomron
    President (2017-2018), Rotary Afeka Avivtek Club

  • Eyal gave a fascinating introductory BuDo-Way lecture. We were so impressed, we invited him to deliver his Budo-Way workshops to our personnel. Although the audience was highly diverse, Eyal found the common denominator to reach them all in his workshops.

    Pia Raanani, MD

  • Through clear analogies, examples and exercises, Eyal was able to link the treasure of knowledge of actual martial art “experience with everyday situations encountered in our business environment.”

    Dr. Daniel Kofman, RAD Data Communications – CTO

  • “Eyal’s impressive background in Martial Arts in conjunction with an extensive Hi-Tech career creates a unique combination which allows him to connect and truly impact the audience.

    The ideas were well presented with the right balance between theory, demonstrations, participant exercise, and ancient words of wisdom.

    By the end of the seminar I was happy to identify tangible “takeaways” which I could use in my work and personal life.”

    Ronny Hirsch, Manager, VLSI Engineering M.B.A, M.Eng., B.Sc Intel Corp.

  • Your seminar equipped our instructors to create a more productive learning environment.

    You provided the faculty with tools for effectively leading a class, gaining the full attention and focus of the students, managing stressful situations, engaging students into purpose of the subject, and managing disagreements and conflicts.

    You provided a unique perspective on how to apply focus, energy and skill in a classroom setting.

    Fred Keivanfar, Director of Admissions & Finance.

    LA ORT College
  • Budo-Way is coming to India in early 2024.

    To book a Budo-Way session at your location or join one in your area please contact his tour manager Mr. S. Bhattacharya at +91 9875355707