There are various ways in which the Budo-Way wisdom is currently available.

Yes, there is Eyal’s best-selling book, ‘Breakthrough in Business and Life’, now translated into five languages English, Russian, Polish, Hebrew and Vietnamese. Yet the most powerful way to get a taste of the Budo-Way wisdom is first-hand from Eyal in one of these ways:

  • An introductory lecture or seminar
  • A tailored workshop.
  • A physical BuDo class -efficient use of human body including optimal use of posture, breath and kinetic chain energy generation. Response theory and timing principles. Strategy principles – how to create opportunities managing risks. Mental principles – keeping top performance within stressful situations

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Adaptable, inclusive and experiential

 To date, Eyal has delivered seminars and workshop to audiences ranging from universities to hi tech organisations… and from Rotary Clubs to police federations.

  • Countries where The BuDo-Way program has been delivered include: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain,Thailand and the U.S.A.
  • Organizations where The BuDo-Way has been delivered include: Davidof Medical Center,  Discount Bank, ECI, Elbit, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Kozminski University, ORT, Rotary, Societe General and Yandex.

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The breadth of past events has included the following:

  •  “Change your Mind – Create your World”
  •  “Become a Black Belt Presenter”
  •  “Discover Yourself – Create your World”
  •  “Take Control, Live the BuDo-Way”
  •  “Identify & Create Opportunities the BuDo-Way”
  • “Peaceful Mind – perform well within stressful situations”

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About Eyal
  • Budo-Way is coming to India in early 2024.

    To book a Budo-Way session at your location or join one in your area please contact his tour manager Mr. S. Bhattacharya at +91 9875355707